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Carmine Carpenito

Birthdate: March 2, 1982

Team: Academy of Fencing Masters



Napoli, Italia


Titles with Club

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Medals with National Team



Campbell, CA, USA

Titles with National Team

Medals with Club

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Short Biography

Maestro Carmine is born in Naples on March 2, 1982. After practicing swimming and volleyball as a child, he starts fencing, in epèe, at C.N.Posillipo in Naples at the age of 13 under the guidance of Maestro Aldo Cuomo. At the age of 18, still a competing athlete, he begins to study to become an instructor and to collaborate as a coach with his and other clubs in Campania, the region of Naples. 
At the age of 22, he quits and takes a time-out from the strips. In 2008, at the age of 26, his friend and former gym partner, the olympic champion Sandro Cuomo (as of yet Head Coach of the Italian National Epèe Team), founds a fencing club of his own in Vomero (district of Naples) and asks him to collaborate. The gym, called Club Schermistico Partenopeo (CSP), undertakes a path of steady improvement on which uncountable successes will follow one after another. Already at the end of the 2011/2012 season the CSP becomes the number one club in Italy's junior epee ranking. The athletes trained in epèe by Maestro Carmine, start to receive first calls to join the cadet and junior national teams, achieving in the following years a number of international results, which include numerous medals at the European and World Championships in the under20 and under23 categories. In 2014, Carmine's career makes another big step forward, when he is called to join Italy’s Junior National Team. Until today he coaches and leads the team to major international competitions and successes. At the same time he continues his studies and is appointed "Video Analyst" for the Italian Olympic Team. In 2019 he realizes the dream of a lifetime, when marrying his beloved fiancée Valentina. Today, besides being Coach and Supervisor at CSP, he covers a key role in Italy’s Junior National Epèe Team, looking forward to make the next big step: join the Olympic Team as coach and lead it to the Olympic Games. In 2018 Maestro Carmine has begun his studies at the University of the Foro Italico in Rome, graduating with a Master degree in Management and Organization of High Level Sports in September 2021. In 2020 the life of Maestro Carmine is embellished by the birth of his son Leonardo, an incredible gift that greatly strengthens the desire to do well, with one more reason to do it!

2022 is the year of change and Maestro Carmine decides to radically change everything, moving to California with his family and starting a new life at the American Academy of Fencing Masters club.

  • Carmine has been a full-time gamer (in World of Warcraft), but he had to reduce substantially his gaming sessions, as his professional activities increased. Nervertheless he continues to play in his spare time

  • He is married to Valentina, whom he met in his old guild in World of Warcraft

  • He loves the music of the italian singer Ligabue

  • Carmine chooses Nikolai Novosjolov as his favorite fencer

  • Yellow is Carmine's favorite M&M flavor

  • Carmine‘s nickname as a child was "Nuccio" (little one) as he was always together with his older siblings

  • Carmine is reknown also by another nickname which refers to his IT background: "Hp" (as Hewlett-Packard)

  • Carmine has two childhood friends with whom he still is very close; they are Guido and Gigi

  • Carmine is the second of three brothers, Enrico is the older, Francesco the younger.

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