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Formia 2020

The most difficult of all Camps... a Camp during the COVID pandemic! First week dedicated to under 14s with very low partecipation. Partecipation and numbers and very high technical level are maintained for the week dedicated to cadets, juniors and seniors. We cross our fingers that everything will work out. The CPO, as always, guarantees us the utmost seriousness and the tranquility of safety protocols managed directly by "Sport e Salute" (formerly CONI). Awareness is locked to it's maximum and, whenever possible, distances and safety protocols will be respected at 360 degrees, hoping that the whole world, wether fencing or not, will as soon as possible overcome and recover from this delicate and difficult moment. We are there, doing anything we can!


Formia 2019

Maestro Carmine's Camp is definetely among the top level camps of the old continent. The numbers are starting to be dazzling and waiting lists are created for the frightening number of requests. It is no longer possible to satisfy everybody and many remain excluded. This is sad news for the face of a movement that works and holds the ground in a competitive country like Italy. Unfortunately due to personal reasons, Maestro Filippo Lombardo leaves the work group and will no longer participate in Maestro Carmine's Camps. On the other hand, foreign athletes ask for the opportunity to apply for participation in Maestro Carmine's Camp and it is becoming a global summit. To cope with further increase in participation and technical level, Maestro Carmine calls other friends, coaches of the highest level: Maestro Giacomo Falcini and Maestro Daniele Pantoni (technical support for Italy's Olympic teams since over twenty years).


Formia 2018

The quality level is growing steadily. Top ranked italian  athletes choose  Maestro Carmine's  Camp to prepare for their season. The staff of Maestro Carmine's Camp is top level and the locations are always appreciated, but the moment for upgrade has come and it's time to take. But it is really time to give a swerve and take that big step forward that everyone now expects. For an excellent Camp, with an excellent staff and excellent athletes, an excellent venue becomes essential. The choice falls on the Formia Olympic Training Center. In choosing the location, Maestro Carmine pushes his team to include another coach of the highest level: Maestro Francesco Leonardi, his friend and colleague in the national team, as the "landlord" at the CPO of Formia.


Castel di Sangro 2017

Repeating the former choice, the Maestro Carmine's Camp returns once more and for the last time to Castel di Sangro. There will be a really blasting new entry: the athletic trainer of many champions, the great Elio Malena.


Castel di Sangro 2016

The structure of Castel di Sangro convinces Maestro Carmine, who chooses this location again for his Camps


Castel di Sangro 2015

Still being in love with the location used for the previous editions (Pescasseroli), Maestro Carmine realizes that there is a need for novelty and in search of new solutions, he turns to the well-established structures of Castel di Sangro. This town often hosts Serie A soccer teams for their summer retreats, a guarantee for a good management and in any case at a sufficient altitude for maximum oxygenation in preparation for the new season. Once again he ties to his friends Antonio and Giovanni, to the staff of the C.N. Posillipo and to Maestro Filippo Lombardo.


Pescasseroli 2014

Pescasseroli will always remain one of Maestro Carmine's favorite destinations and in fact also for the 2014 season, he chooses this destination for his Camp, which is now starting to be among the most popular in Italy. Another new entry to the staff upgrades the Camp's technical level: this year it's Maestro Filippo Lombardo to join, coach of Roma Fencing Club.


Pescasseroli 2013

Despite the success of the Roccaraso Camp in 2012, Maestro Carmine remains in love with the Pescasseroli location and decides to bring the Camp back to venue, relying again on the services and attentions of the La Primula Club. The success is confirmed and the numbers and the quality of the Camp continues to increase.


Roccaraso 2012

The growth in quantity and quality of Maestro Carmine's Camp continues. This time, he decides to increase the staff and in addition to the usual friends Antonio and Giovanni, he joins the organization of his birth Club C.N. Posillipo, where he meets his Maestro and mentor Aldo Cuomo, who together with his daughter Francesca will complete the staff for this new adventure. The Camp takes place in the cool Roccaraso. For the first time the Maestro Carmine, decides to integrate the saber in the Camp, relying on an old friend, the multiple world and Olympic medalist Raffaello Caserta.


Pescasseroli 2011

Second experience for Maestro Carmine, who together with his colleagues and friends Antonio and Giovanni, needing more space and rather than the island of Ventotene, this time prefers the charming town of Pescasseroli at 1200 meters above sea level. Here they will be hosted by the Primula structure which, with its staff and services, will ensure an unforgettable experience for all participants in the Camp.


Ventotene 2010

Maestro Carmine organizes the first Camp in 2010. The first experience was extremely formative. Maestro Carmine, together with colleagues and friends, Maestro Antonio Iannaccone and I.N. Giovanni Gargiulo, chooses as destination of his first experience, the splendid Island of Ventotene. In addition to the fencing courses for athletes signed in to the Camp and for the island's inhabitants, in collaboration with the Naval League of Ventotene, Maestro Carmine organizes a sailing course in the spare time left from training.

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