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Men's Junior World Cup-Belgrade: Success for Maestro Carmine and Team Italy in the capital of Serbia

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Great job for Carmine and the Italian National Team in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, where the Epee Junior World Cup took place.

“These kids constantly show incredible qualities, it's always a pleasure to work with them.”

The boys, led by Maestro Carmine and his colleague Maestro Maurizio Mencarelli, did not disappoint expectations, backing up the good results of the previous competitions. In the individual competition Enrico Piatti ranked second, while Giulio Gaetani and Riccardo Masarin finished ex aequo thirds.

“We could have done still better, but due to the many matches among teammembers, many guys went out before reaching the final 8.”

In the team competition, Team Italy confirms his outstanding moment and after being defeated by the Americans in the semifinals, they manage to bring home a precious bronze medal winning the decisive bout against the always tough Russian opponents.

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